Thursday, July 12, 2012


The city of Vidalia denies charges that it gives undocumented immigrants safe harbor by allowing them to live, travel and work in the city. This was a ridiculous complaint from the get-go anyway but the state's new Immigration Enforcement Review Board needed to do something other than just have meetings about nothing.
 A Twin City resident named Michael Dale with a history of filing complaints about illegal immigrants filed the charges with the board. He accused Vidalia Mayor Ronnie Dixon and Lark Builder's owner Bob Moore of having an unwritten policy that allows Lark's immigrant employees who are arrested to be released and allowed to return to work.
What cause this nonsense? Well, one explanation is an unemployed guy that wants the undocumented workers to be fired. What he does not realize is that they did not cause him to get a fired and be out of a job. He really needs to find someone else to blame and stop wasting our taxpayers money for a wild goose chase.

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