Friday, July 13, 2012


D.A. King, an anti-immigration activist in Cobb county Georgia wants the county commissioners to require all businesses that work for the county to be IMAGE certified. This is insane. In May, Cobb became the first county in Georgia to join the IMAGE program (ICE's Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers). Under IMAGE, employment records of Cobb county employees to audit by ICE to ensure they are legally permitted to work here.
While E-Verify is conducting checks for new hires only, IMAGE is looking back at people already employed as well. Crazy King said he got phone calls from Americans saying they can't get a job in Cobb County in construction because illegal immigrants are taken them. Apparently these phone calls are proof enough for King, plus, I haven't heard of a single construction employee that is working for Cobb county.
Cobb county Chairman Tim Lee and east Cobb commissioner Bob Ott say that will take some time to implement for contractors. The proposed code amendment requiring all businesses that perform work for the county — which in 2011 totaled 4,600 different firms — likely won’t be ready until January. So instead of taxpayer dollars going to support the good, they are now going to be wasted on IMAGE checks which I am sure many firm will not want to do, for various legitimate reasons.

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