Monday, July 9, 2012

The Georgia Immigration Review Board that oversees enforcement of Georgia's immigration laws says it will investigate a complaint that the city of Vidalia is harboring undocumented workers. Members of the state Immigration Enforcement Review Board voted unanimously last Friday to look into accusations by Michael Dale Smith of Twin City. He says officials in Vidalia, home of Georgia's famous sweet onion crop, are giving illegal immigrants safe harbor by allowing them to work and live in the city limits. City officials deny his allegations. Last time I checked a city in the United States or Georgia for that matter is not authorized to check the immigration status of people who live there or work there, only people they employ.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that several board members sounded skeptical about Smith's complaint. Dallas Mayor Boyd Austin, a panel member, said he feared the board was being asked to 'chase rabbits.' If that is not a bad use of our taxpayer money I do not know what is. This is so ridiculous it is beyond my capacity to describe it in words.

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