Friday, October 29, 2010


A 14 member committee at the Georgia's legislators, comprised of Republican members of course has been charged with drafting legislation that would curb the flow of illegal immigration in Georgia. Sen. Jack Murphy, R-Cumming, and Rep. Matt Ramsey, R-Peachtree City, are the co-chairman of the Joint House and Senate Study Committee on Immigration Reform.
This committee is expected to meet at least once more this year and propose a comprehensive anti-immigration bill before the next General Assembly session starts in January.
Georgia's (Republican) legislators are trying to curb illegal immigration by taking example out of the Arizona law, as both chairman stated they would probably come out with something similar to the Arizona law, even though they said they will come up with their own version. Obviously they are not bothered by the Arizona law's being unconstitutional and leading to racial profiling, or that a federal judge blocked most of the problematic sections from being executed after the Justice Department sued Arizona in Federal Court. They don't see is as a waste of their time and our limited resources either.
Committee members say they will consider a number of issues, including whether illegal immigrants should be banned from Georgia’s colleges (following the Colotl story).
The fearful anti immigration group also intends to look at the effects of birthright citizenship in Georgia --I am not sure if they want to change it but they probably should take a look at the 14th Amendment to the constitution of the United States granting U.S. citizenship to anyone who is born here. Anything they do against it will be struck down as unconstitutional even if they get it passed in the state's Congress.
This is part of the sad part of the Gubernatorial elections -- in that both Democrat Roy Barnes and Republican Nathan Deal have said they would support an Arizona-style law in Georgia. I guess they are trying to win a popularity contest with the Georgia voters by finding easy to blame scapegoats. We'll know the results of the elections soon enough.