Tuesday, March 20, 2012


After the Georgia House Hearing – An amended version of SB 458 was passed yesterday, adding back in the language defining public benefits to include public post-secondary education. Input at the hearing was ignored, education professionals were dismissed and a request for a fiscal note was rejected.

WHAT’S NEXT? The bill goes to the Rules (Calendar) Committee where it can be called for a floor vote in any of the next 5 working days. (Actually that’s all that is left of this session. Two more days this week, then three more as yet unscheduled days. Then it’s over.) CALLS /FAXES/EMAILS SHOULD GO TO THE GOVERNOR, SPEAKER OF HOUSE RALSTON, LT. GOVERNOR CAGLE, HOUSE CHAIRMAN OF RULES MEADOWS URGING THEM TO TABLE SB458. When or if there is a House floor vote and if the bill does pass, then it would go back to the Senate for agree/disagree to the House changes. With the short number of remaining days, please make calls or send faxes ASAP!

Governor Nathan Deal
404.656.1776 Phone
404.657.7332 Fax

Speaker of the House David Ralston
404.656.5020 Phone
404 656.5644 Fax

Lt. Governor Casey Cagle
404.656.5030 Phone
404.656.6739 Fax

Chairman of Rules (House) John Meadows
404.656.5141 Phone Atlanta
706.629.4441 Phone Calhoun
706.629.3631 Fax Calhoun

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