Friday, March 16, 2012


After all the hoopla around HB87 created Georgia's immigration enforcement review board, it finally received its first complaint against the city of Atlanta. Big surprise - it's the city with the largest budget in Georgia.
Anti-immigration activist D.A. King sent the complaint by email to the Immigration Enforcement Review Board in January. The complaint names Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and City Council members and states that a city ordinance violates HB87 by allowing people to use Mexican matricula consular ID cards in city government transactions. HB87 says city officials may not accept such ID cards when people apply for public benefits.
The city stated that its employees have been trained on what IDs are acceptable and the matricula consular is not one of the acceptable documents.
What a complete waste of the resources of the city of Atlanta and taxpayer's money. This is so ridiculous I cannot even come up with a written description on how ridiculous this Immigration Enforcement Review Board is, its powers, its members and its complaints.

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