Friday, April 1, 2011


All, in order to try and prevent this bad bill from passing, I URGE you to contact your State Senators, and let them know that they should be alert to DISAGREE on SB40when the House tries to send it back for an agree/disagree vote. The House Judiciary Committee took over SB 40 by substituting its own immigration bill in its place - effectively putting HB 87 language into the new version of SB40. Not only does this take-over negate the previous work of the Senate, but the new version of SB40 is infinitely more costly, opens the floodgates on private rights of action to clog our courts (every private person that believes an official is not complying with the law, can file a law suit against that official!), and it is wide open to constitutional challenges such as those seen in Arizona. It's the intention of the House to send SB 40 back to the Senate in this costly format, in the hopes that Senators will comply. Tell your Senator to DISAGREE when the House tries to send it back. People can find their state Senators at

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