Monday, April 11, 2011


A petition signed by over 15,000 Georgian voters, business owners, and human and civil rights advocates is being delivered today to Governor Nathan Deal urging him to Commit to Veto the Arizona-Style Legislation being considered in the Senate. HB87 passed the Congress and now the SB40 language was replaced in the Senate by the HB87 language so the stricter and tougher bill is on the table for a Senate vote. 3 days are left of the 2011 legislative session. A group of 270 farmers and business leaders delivered a letter to oppose the legislation, now this large petition with over 15,000 signature is being delivered to the governor today urging him to veto the legislation if it passes because it “will severely tarnish Georgia’s image in the eyes of the country and the world.” “If these Arizona-style bills become law, everyday Georgians will be mourning the loss of our economic strength and our moral compass,” said Lisa Adler of Amnesty International USA, which helped spearhead the petition campaign. “Governor Deal will be forcing us to say goodbye to thousands of jobs and millions of dollars. It will be ‘R.I.P to small businesses, to southern hospitality, to jobs, and to our civil rights legacy.’” The petition's organizers said that it only took them two weeks to gather the signatures – and if they had more time they could gather thousands more. At least some people realize this legislation will likely cause a big blow on Georgia businesses.

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