Friday, February 4, 2011


Georgia State Senator Jack Murphy and other republican senators, filed a legislative proposal to require all private employers to use E-Verify. E-verify requires employers to check all their newly hired employees whether they are in the U.S. legally and eligible to work. However, the system is filled with errors that is rejecting even U.S. citizens.
The proposal includes exemptions for employers who use certain work visa programs, including those for short-term workers (agriculture H-2A visas and temporary H-2B that suffers from a huge shortage of visa numbers) and highly skilled workers (H-1B visas) from abroad.
This legislation would require law enforcement officers, during any stop of a criminal suspect, to verify the immigration status of the suspect if they believe the person is in the country illegally. If the person is determined to be here illegally, the bill would allow officers to arrest them and take them to a federal detention facility. Even though it is unconstitutional (which never bothered Murphy), and a similar law in Arizona was blocked by a federal judge, that didn't stop him. Additional proposed sections include assessing fines to non-citizens ($100 and/or 30 days in jail) if they fail to carry proof of their legal status.
This is another crazy attempt to regulate the federal immigration laws in the state level by over-burdening 90% of employers out there who hire legal workers. Too much burden and administrative cost to comply with E-Verify doesn't dissuade these people, none of which understands business I am sure. Aren't Republicans supposed to be pro business and anti excessive regulations?

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