Monday, December 6, 2010


A new report released by the New York-based Institute for International Education shows that the economic impact of foreign college students in Georgia climbed 4.9 percent to $383.9 million during the 2009-10 school year on a similar rate of increase in students. The number of international students enrolled in Georgia universities also rose by 4.9 percent to 14,707 over the previous year, according to the annual Open Doors report.
According to the report, China was the largest origin nation, which for the first time came before India.
With 4,030, Georgia Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) had the most foreign students, who spent more than $87.6 million on tuition, fees and living expenses in the state.
UGA had 1,843 students with a net impact of $37.9 million.
Emory University had 1,713, but its students spent significantly more because of the higher tuition rates and living expenses, with a net impact of $64.7 million.
Georgia State University hosted 1,408 foreign students who spent $34.5 million.
The economic impact figures, compiled by the organization NAFSA, only took into account spending that directly supported students' education. It didn't include a "multiplier effect" that would've also measured purchases of incidental items like lattes, clothing or plane tickets. International students are great economic business for Georgia.

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