Monday, November 29, 2010


Fox News Atlanta reports that Georgia is considering making it a crime to stop traffic to hire someone for day labor. State lawmakers are considering this preposterous measure as part of their battle with illegal immigration.
Last year the city of Atlanta decided to fine drivers for not pulling off the road and parking, before hiring day laborers. That is OK, because it disrupts traffic and increases chances of an accident. However state lawmakers that are consider creating a criminal offense for people who stop vehicles on the street for hiring day labor? Well that is a first. And not in a good way. The controversial Arizona law contained a portion that made it a crime to stop a vehicle for day laborers or for day laborers to get in a vehicle if those actions delay traffic. This section was not blocked by the federal judge. However, taking it to an unreasonable step as described above by the Georgia legislators is beyond absurd.

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  1. If this law passes, I propose an experiment. A group of suited consultants can gather in one place, and a corporate manager can stop his/her vehicle and offer a one-day consulting position. Film it, post it on YouTube, and keep repeating the episode until police enforce that particular law. I could only imagine how long it would go on.