Friday, May 21, 2010

RESEARCH SHOWS IMMIGRANTS DON'T TAKE JOBS FROM AMERICANS has gathered a lot of academic research that shows that immigrants (even undocumented workers) do not take jobs from Americans. The opposite is true -- according to most economists and unbiased research tanks.
According to the publication, immigrant workers create almost as many jobs as they occupy and maybe more - including things they buy, that increases the demand for goods and services, and thus contributes to the economy, in turn increasing the demand for labor.
Beyond all the hate and rhetoric of the anti-immigration vocal groups, the facts are available at:

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  1. Undocumented immigrants are, for the most part, hard-working individuals who are trying to survive and help thier families. They sometimes do work for which they never get paid, but are too afraid to report this crime. Some crooks target immigrants because they often carry all of the money they have in their pocket/wallet. Being an undocumented immigrant is a high risk existance. They should have the opportunity to become legal residents. We need more hard working folks.