Thursday, May 20, 2010


Following the events in Cobb county, where Jessica Colotl, a Kennesaw State University was cited for a traffic ticket and discovered to be in the country unlawfully, the heated debate continues. Cobb is a source of heat and tension in the immigration debate.
Many political candidates are adding fuel to the flame by blaming the school and the board of regents from accepting Colotl into school and allowing her to pay in state tuition (savings of about $6,000 per year). More extreme politicians are demanding that the Georgia universities will now check immigration status of all students enrolled -- about 300,000 of them...
It's not illegal -- but it's actually legal (under both U.S. and Georgia law) for colleges to admit and enroll students who do not have legal immigration status. It doesn't appear that Colotl received any federal or state financial aid, so what do they really want from her? There is really no statistic about it but the numbers of undocumented students in public higher education are very small, and there is no evidence that they are crowding out U.S. citizens. Enrolling anyone into higher education is a good thing, not bad!
If all the hate and anger could be channeled towards solving the problem - which is our country's broken immigration system -- at least something good could be achieved, but unfortunately the angry haters don't have too many positive thoughts...

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