Thursday, February 9, 2012


Is this a joke? Probably not. The Georgia Senate unanimously approved a resolution Thursday asking Congress to expand the federal agricultural guest worker program. The resolution passed 53-0 Thursday was sponsored by a half dozen GOP senators.
More than 500 farmers surveyed recently by the state Department of Agriculture reporting losses of about $10 million in 2011 because of labor shortages.
This is after they enacted HB87, scared away all the immigrant farm workers from coming to Georgia, and now they complain that they can’t find enough migrant workers to harvest their crops. What they really need to do is rescind HB87 if they want to do something about the farm worker shortage in the state.

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    Every single undocumented (illegal alien) in America pays property taxes. There
    are no exceptions, unless the undocumented worker lives in a church parsonage.
    Otherwise, every square inch of every apartment house and rental house occupied by illegal aliens in America is taxed every year without exception. The landlord, owner or mortgage holder takes the funds paid by the illegal alien and at the end of the year, pays the taxes at the same millage rate you and I pay. There are no exceptions just because they are not here legally. Just ask your local tax entity.

    In addition, every single illegal alien pays the exact same sales tax that you
    and I pay, normally 7% across the country. There are not two lines at the local
    Walmart, one for documented customers and one for undocumented. We all pay the same. There are no exceptions.

    I have started a collection of hundreds of pay stubs for illegal immigrants.
    Surprisingly, they all have federal and state income taxes deducted, as well as
    Social Security taxes and medicare taxes. If an illegal immigrant works for a
    company of any jsut about any size, or agriculture business/farm, they obtain an ITIN number and the illegal immigrant pays the same deductions as you and I. They are provided a W2 showing this at the end of the year. The only exception are day laborers who get paid for lawn work, house cleaning, short term jobs, etc. But don't most American teenagers do the same...not report of these earnings and pay no taxes? Mine did.

    If we send these people back, the tax rolls in many states would dwindle
    about 20%. I don't know anyone who wants a pay reduction of 20%, just to make them leave. Rather than send back, make them legal and use their incredible work ethic and help their kids, unless we wish to invoke Jim Crow laws as was done to keep black kids out of schools. Maybe if conservatives really acted out true Christian beliefs, which they taut publicly, rather than ethnocentric beliefs they demonstrate, we'd have a more harmonious culture. I encourage you to view my god-sons story on "Candelario: A Young Immigrant's Story."
    Dr. Richard Stafford