Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yet another development of HB87 in Georgia. A survey by the restaurant association in Georgia shows that most of the owners report shortages in janitors, line cooks and dishwashers since HB87 the anti-immigration law in Georgia was enacted into law.
What is the impact? Other than the immediate loss of jobs of the cooks and dishwashers, if the restaurants are missing those they will not be able to serve as many customers and may also have to let go other staff such as waiters. Currently the estimate is that a restaurant experiencing a shortage serves about 35 to 50 fewer customers a day but this might be getting worse. Because the revenues are down, these restaurants are not spending as much and cutting more labor.
Yes, and those same restaurants cannot fill the vacant jobs because Americans do not want to do them.
The immigrants that have legal status in this country like me have a lot of things to be thankful for this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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