Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Yet another problematic aspect of HB87 (surprise surprise) is the requirement of county business owners to renew their licenses in person each year to prove citizenship or legal immigration status. HB87 would require each license holder or a representative of the business to appear in person to renew the license for 2012.
This creates an enormous burden and additional bureaucratic hassle on business owners.
The license holder will also have to bring in an original form of identification and sign an affidavit swearing legal residency in the United States. The prior law required the business owners to sign an affidavit, but never required the owner to go in person with identity documents. This is insane. The county staff is also understaffed (pun intended) and ill-equipped to handle the workload.
The county commissioners hope that the Georgia general assembly would cancel this provision. It's great to hope but it is not going to happen.

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