Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Following the move by the Georgia university system's Board of Regents, five University of Georgia professors have started a program they're calling Freedom University. A new state policy has closed the doors of the five most competitive state schools to undocumented immigrants, but a group of professors has found a way to offer those students a taste of what they've been denied.
They will teach a rigorous seminar course once a week meant to mirror courses taught at the most competitive schools and aimed at students who have graduated from high school but can not go to these top schools because of the new policy
This is not a substitute for letting these students into the top schools, but as some help to people who don't have another option right now.
The program is currently taking applications, with the first class set to start on September 8. The five professors will rotate teaching the seminar course on their own time at an off-campus location. All qualified applicants will likely be accepted. What a wonderful move out of these professors. Hopefully others will follow suit.

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