Wednesday, July 20, 2011


According to HB87, Georgia mayors, county commissioners and business-license clerks may face $5,000 fines from a panel of state-sanctioned volunteers empowered to investigate complaints about compliance with HB87 with a new Immigration Enforcement Review Board.
This board is a first of its kind in the nation and no other state that passed immigration (or anti-immigration) laws has such a board. The Georgia board will be able to subpoena witnesses and strip funding from public bodies it finds have violated the law and levy fines against governments and individuals.
The Governor is working to appoint board members. If it will be the usual anti-immigrationists it will cost towns lots of money because they will have to defend non-issues in court. Another huge waste of public resources to solve a non-problem because there is no evidence that the state officials violate any immigration laws. Most likely they do not. But under HB87 they may still be investigated for it!

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