Friday, January 21, 2011


A dubious honor indeed but it appears that ICE's immigration detention center in Lumpkin, Georgia, known as Steward detention center (which is privately run) is the biggest and busiest jail in the country for people facing deportation.
On average, Stewart Detention Center held 1,614 detainees per day during the fiscal year ending in September.
Who is paying for this? Taxpayers, of course, with detention budgets for ICE at $1.77 Billion last fiscal year, to detain approximately 33,442 people in jails nationwide. Many of whom are held for very minor immigration and traffic charges. This, while ICE can release people on bond or even ankle bracelets to prevent fleeing, at a much lower rate.
Corrections Corp. of America is a $1.6 billion business based in Nashville, which owns and operates the Stewart jail, and their business is booming. Federal taxpayers pay Stewart County $60.50 per inmate held at that jail per day through an agreement with ICE. That works out to $97,647 per day, based on the last fiscal year's average daily inmate count. Lumpkin county, however, keeps only 85 cents per inmate per day for its administrative costs and pays CCA the rest, or $59.65 per inmate per day. Since 2007, the county has collected about $1.7 million through this arrangement, county officials said. That represents more than half of the county's $3 million annual operating budget.
Who said immigrants are hurting business?

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