Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Today, Phoenix, Arizona United States District Court Judge Susan Bolton enjoined key sections of Arizona's controversial immigration law, SB 1070. The federal government sued Arizona in federal court trying to enjoin it from implementing the law, which among other reasons, focused on the separation of federal and state powers.
The judge in her decision acknowledged that the federal government has primary authority over making and enforcing immigration laws. While states have limited authority to enforce immigration laws, they cannot interfere with federal enforcement or undermine federal priorities. The judge also recognized the serious strain that the Arizona law would place on federal resources, which would detract from the federal government's ability to enforce immigration laws in other states and target resources toward serious criminals. The decision acknowledges the complex nature of immigration law and the harmful consequences of local police attempting to make immigration determinations.
Arizona is all but sure to appeal to the 9th Circuit. While it's not really a Georgia issue, many politicians recently discussed trying to get the same law enacted in Georgia, so this is a huge victory on that front -- if the law is going to be stricken down in Arizona, there is little chance to its passing in Georgia.

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